Public Showers

Where’s the nearest public shower? It’s a question you’ll be asking daily (or perhaps just every other day) when you’re camping your way around Australia. In a perfect world you’d be checking into a caravan park or campground every night to enjoy a long hot shower at no additional cost. But if you’re on a budget, staying in free campsites and national parks, you’re gonna need a back up plan.

Public showers at beaches are your best friend when it comes to having a quick rinse on the fly – you’ll typically find them out in the open near beach car parks, or sometimes within the toilet block. Showers at public swimming pools are a low-cost solution available in many towns and cities, too. Public pool entry will set you back around $5 to $10, but we reckon this is a small price to pay for hot water, privacy, no time limit, and best of all, the chance to rinse out your shampoo thoroughly!

Browse the map below to find public showers all across Australia, although we recommend downloading the CamperMate app – it’s much more convenient!

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Whether you’re looking for public showers, laundromats or dump stations, the CamperMate app helps you find anything you need when you’re out exploring. With offline maps, reviews and safety alerts, it’s the one app you don’t want to leave home without.
Are you looking for public showers in any of the below places? Click through and check out the map right away.

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